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My 3 month hiatus is over.

I have not disappeared or died in Thailand yet.  :P  I have not been writing anything because I just gave myself a self imposed 3 month hiatus from complaining and personal reason.   It's surprisingly not that tough as I have not been writing a lot ever since I quit my job.  There are tons of crazy things happened in both Singapore and Thailand during these 3 months that I wish I could write and blog them down for future reference but I was able to choose not to do it.

I even tried to impose myself to have limited access to facebook and twitter.  This  restricted access to the Net is not really working as I still frequent facebook on my phone to check on latest trends and news almost everyday while I waited at the school to pick up my kids.

So for the pass 3 months,  I  re-read some books, watched the latest Dr Who (which is pretty awesome), visited some tea and strawberry farms (see pic above),  became a coffee addict by getting a Nespresso machine and manual coffee grinder,  learnt to fly a small drone (Syma X5c), watched some old Chinese lectures on our ancient Chinese philosopher, self taught myself on rainbow loom charms, signed up with Ello and still waiting for their bloody reply and invite, and completed some home DIY projects.

I think I did more then the list but I guess you kinda guess I am enjoying myself over here in L.O.S.

Hiatus is over and I will try to write more but I guess nobody bothers to read blogs nowadays.  Tweets and Facebook status updates are more trendy.

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