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Big 40

I just bought a new mechanical keyboard for my computer and so I decided to pop by my blog to write something.  Wow,  haven't wrote anything for more than a year.  hahaha

I just turn 40 in August this year.  Which means my NS liability is finally over.  Didn't managed to get the final milestone but at least I can proudly say I had served my country.  It's quite surreal actually.  Most of the guys I know cleared their NS in their early 30s or even for the worst cast scenario, around 38.  Just 2 years short from the cut off point.  If not, they were just totally exempted from this whole spectacle.   A bit of mixed feeling on my last day to report to camp.  Exhilarated initially when I signed off for the very last time (the RP was staring at my laughing face when I returned my T-Pass, thinking I'm mad) but felt a bit sad too when I was taking the train home.   

I have been staying most of my time in Maesai since my last update.  Basically spending money from my stock dividends and so far I could say it's still quite comfortable.  Have to be really careful on buying things but over here, expenses are getting more expensive over here too.   I guess the everywhere is the same too.

My next adventure will be trying to get a PR in Thailand so I don't really need to go through the Visa runs every 3 months. I might document this over here if it helps but so far,  I just went to BKK to ask around and it's a bit complicated.  Will share once I have more time.  Now back to painting and building more plastic models.  :)  

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