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I owe it to the people who are still fighting.

I recently had a small chat on whatsapp with a Singaporean friend of mine who is currently residing overseas too like me.  We chatted about the new POFMA law and the current states of affairs.  He was amazed that I am still planning to go back to cast my vote in the upcoming election even though I already made my point I gave up on other Singaporeans eons ago. 


Because I owe it to the other people who are still fighting the fight.  People who don't have a choice to leave or still believe in real changes. Opposition parties or any other NGOs that are still on the ground, trying to do the impossible to change things around.  I mean of course, some would say resistance is futile and so it's not worth the time and effort.  One single vote doesn't matter. This is exactly what the current establishment wanted us to do.  To be indifferent and apathetic.  Just drop everything and let them win.  Oh no, never in my book!  Yes, they will win, but why let them off so easily?  😁  So yes, no worries to my friends who are still in Singapore and hoping.  So long if there is an election .  I will definitely exercise my duty as a citizen of Singapore, I will continue to vote.  The outcome may be undesirable but I will have all the rights in the world to complain about the ghament that I never chose. hehehehe